This stat proves Steelers defensive dominance is more than just a narrative

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The Pittsburgh Steelers are known for their defensive excellence and that’s not just a reputation. One particular stat from this century proves it.

If you had to use one word to describe each NFL franchise, you could certainly argue for the Pittsburgh Steelers getting the “defense” tag.

Those black and gold uniforms have been synonymous with stout defense across decades and generations. And when it comes to defense, everyone knows a good pass rush is essential.

These days, Pittsburgh has T.J. Watt to set the tone defensively. But the reputation for getting to the quarterback predates the star defender.

The Steelers have the most sacks this century by far

Sunday Night Football dropped a tweet that proves the Steelers are the kings of getting to the quarterback this century.

No team has more sacks over the last two decades than Pittsburgh’s 986. The Eagles are a long way behind with 913.

Let’s put that in perspective. The Steelers could log zero sacks during the 2022 season and Philadelphia would still need to set a new NFL record for sacks in a season to tie things up. That means getting one more sack than the ’84 Bears with 72.

It’s not like Pittsburgh has had a bunch of outlier seasons with a ridiculous sack total. They’ve actually never had more than 60 in a season.

The Steelers have gotten there with consistent production over many, many years with players like James Harrison and Cameron Hayward leading the way.

It’s an impressive achievement and it should only grow if Watt keeps dropping quarterbacks like there’s no tomorrow.

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