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LSU Tigers defensive back Derek Stingley Jr.: Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles made a huge trade with the New Orleans Saints to shuffle their first round. They still have two first-round picks and a lot of capital to improve this team around Jalen Hurts.

The Philadelphia Eagles made one of the strangest draft pick trades in recent memory, but it seems like they will come out on the right side of it. They sent the New Orleans Saints the number 16 and 19 picks plus a sixth-round pick for the number 18 pick this year, a third-round pick, and a seventh-round pick this year while getting a future first and second-round pick. It was a wild trade with the Eagles getting a ton of value in the future.

It does take a first-round pick away from the Eagles this season. This really changes the talent level that’s coming to them this year. They came into this month with three first-round draft picks, but now they are down to two. They still have 10 total NFL Draft picks and five in the first 101 picks. It’s going to be a talent haul in a draft with some very interesting sleepers. With two years of dealing with a pandemic, late-round draft picks might bring more gems than ever. That’s why the Eagles might have the best draft strategy in the NFC.

Philadelphia Eagles Seven-Round Mock Draft – First Round


Derek Stingley Jr.

Cornerback LSU

The Philadelphia Eagles should go with the best player available at pick 15. They can get creative with their other first-round pick, but they need to take the player who inexplicably fell with their first pick. Take a guy who has top-ten or arguably top-five talent. Derek Stingley Jr. could very easily be the best cornerback in this draft, and he might be one of the best in the league when it’s all said and done. He had a strange college career, coming in as one of the best at his position his freshman year, but a difficult situation in Baton Rouge really held him back.

He comes into this draft with a lot of questions. He could still easily go in the top ten, but it seems like more people are falling out of love with him. Eagles fans won’t once he’s here. He has the right attitude to be a huge player for this franchise. He has some injury concerns, which is the main crux to why he’s falling, but when healthy he shuts down his side of the field. This will be a statement pick for the Eagles.

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