Saints shake up NFL Draft: Best memes and tweets about insanely complicated trade

New Orleans Saints, Philadelphia Eagles

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Best memes and tweets about the insanely complicated Saints/Eagles trade.

It might take a genius to suss out what exactly went down with the Saints and the Eagles. According to Adam Schefter, here’s how it all went down.

“TRADE: Eagles sending picks No. 16, No. 19 and No. 194 in the sixth round to the Saints in exchange for pick No. 18, No. 101 in the third round, No. 237 in the 7th round AND a 2023 first-round pick and 2024 second-round pick, per sources,” he tweeted. “Saints now at 16, 19; Eagles at 15, 18.”

We’re confused too, don’t worry.

However, a graphic helped clear up the trade a little bit to see what the Saints sent the Eagles and what New Orleans got in return.

Here’s how NFL Twitter reacted to the trade

The trade obviously gives the Saints two first-round picks this year but the Eagles still sit in that position as well while garnering an additional top-32 selection in next year’s draft.

With such a big trade going down just weeks before the draft, the NFL world was quick to fire off their best takes and jokes.

On the surface, this trade does look a bit odd given that the Eagles gave up two first-round picks this year in order to just get one in the immediate future.

Having said that, Philadelphia didn’t have to move all that much and gained more future draft capital, which can further extend and help their rebuild as they try to re-emerge from salary cap purgatory.

As for the Saints, it remains to be seen if they are posturing to trade up for a quarterback or if they are positioning themselves to potentially select players at other positions of need ahead of teams that might be eyeing the same positions.

In any case, draft season is officially here with a trade like this and we’re about to see some wild rumors and moves start flowing over the next few weeks.

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