Deshaun Watson’s attempt to pump up Browns fans on IG goes wrong

Atlanta Falcons, Cleveland Browns

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Deshaun Watson tried to amp up Cleveland Browns fans by posting an Instagram story showcasing his many jersey selections with his new team. It didn’t go well.

Watson reportedly won’t be criminally charged for sexual assault at the moment, though a looming investigation and civil case mean said issues are far from behind him. The Browns traded for the former Texans quarterback in the midst of legal drama, and then handled the aftermath horribly. It hasn’t been a pretty sight.

But Watson and the Browns would like to take a step forward, rather than looking back. As unrealistic as that is, Watson posted an Instagram story hoping to change the tune of some Browns fans who perhaps are a little hesitant about him taking over for Baker Mayfield, if only because of said legal troubles and history of heinous accusations against him.

There’s a slight issue with this post, and it’s that Watson forgot to put away the No. 4 Falcons jersey he must’ve bought before he knew he was headed to Cleveland. Yikes.

Browns: Moving on with Deshaun Watson won’t be easy

The Browns handled Watson’s introduction horribly, and Watson himself didn’t have answers prepared for an otherwise sensitive line of questioning. This was never going to be about football, as the Browns and Watson would prefer. Every fan and media member understands what the Clemson product can do on the football field. His longstanding issues are off the field, and the lack of justice he has seen in a civil and/or criminal court.

The Browns traded a war chest of draft picks for Watson, and then gave him one of the richest contracts in football. Even Browns GM Andrew Berry knew it looked bad.

“We certainly understand the optics of it… the contract was really a football decision…,” Berry said.

The Browns structured Watson’s contract a certain way so they wouldn’t have to pay him more than $1 million this season, as the star quarterback is expected to face a suspension from the league.

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