Ian Rapoport fell for David Njoku’s perfectly-timed fake trade request

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Cleveland Browns tight end David Njoku fooled everyone on Friday when he tweeted out he was asking for a trade out of town. 

It’s April Fool’s Day and no one is safe right now. NFL players across the board have been pulling fast ones on their fans, and this included Cleveland Browns tight end David Njoku. Earlier in the day, Njoku quipped that he was going to demand a trade out of Cleveland.

The one and only Ian Rapoport felt for this joke, quote tweeting Njoku’s message. Rapoport then deleted his tweet after realizing that the stud tight end wasn’t being serious at all here.

Ian Rapoport falling for an April Fool’s Day joke is priceless

It’s not often that Rapoport completely whiffs on a breaking news piece, but he’s got to give credit to Njoku here for what he was able to get done. It wasn’t only Rapoport who was fooled in this case, however, as plenty of Browns fans couldn’t believe the news either.

Once people realized it was all a big joke, there was plenty of relief and Browns supporters did a 180 from their panic and showered Njoku with love. He’s got a great personality and it’s easy to understand why he’s got so many people in his corner in the city.

For Cleveland, it’s a different era starting next season, as Deshaun Watson is now the signal-caller for the offense and he’s inked a massive contract. Njoku will be a key target for Watson moving forward and he could be in line for a great season this fall.

It looked like for a second Njoku’s future would be with a different team. Thankfully for the Browns fans, he was just having a good time with people on Twitter and he’ll be staying put.

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