Does Bruce Arians retiring affect Tom Brady’s future with Buccaneers?

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With Bruce Arians retiring from coaching, how will Tom Brady’s future with the Buccaneers be impacted? Tampa Bay fans have nothing to fear.

With rumors of Tom Brady possibly being traded to the Dolphins flying around, some might take the retirement of Bruce Arians as Bucs head coach as a bad thing for Tampa Bay.

However, Arians’ move to the front office shouldn’t have a negative impact on Brady returning for the 2022 season.

In fact, it may make it all the more certain he’ll be playing in a Buccaneers jersey.

Does Bruce Arians retiring affect Tom Brady’s future with Buccaneers?

First of all, it’s unlikely Brady was surprised by this move. These aren’t the Packers. Brady’s opinions seem to have weight in the organization, so if this was an issue for him unretiring, that would have been worked out already.

There’s another element to this that would make this turn of events a huge benefit to Tampa Bay: Brady may have wanted it all along.

According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, “while Herculean efforts will be undertaken to create the impression that Brady didn’t directly or indirectly attach his return to a coaching change, many will believe that Brady came back only after he knew that Arians wouldn’t.”

Under the surface, discord has apparently been brewing between Brady and Arians. It may not be as clean-cut as a “he goes or I go” situation, but it doesn’t sound like Brady will be too torn up about the move either way.

The real question is how well Brady gets along with new head coach Todd Bowles. On one hand, that’s a new head coach to deal with. On the other hand, promoting Bowles from defensive coordinator to head coach will keep things relatively steady. So long as Brady’s relationship with offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich is positive, the Bucs shouldn’t have too many issues.

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