Vikings fans rejoice as Patrick Peterson announces he’s staying in Minnesota

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Patrick Peterson announced his free agency decision on his podcast and the veteran cornerback will be returning to the Minnesota Vikings.

Last offseason, veteran cornerback Patrick Peterson was a hot commodity on the free agency market. Eventually, he landed with the Minnesota Vikings. While some of his advanced numbers didn’t show him in a favorable light, his overall play was still solid for a player nearing the downside of his career in terms of age.

After going to Minnesota on just a one-year deal, though, the question again became where Peterson would end up next. We finally got the answer to that on Wednesday as the information came straight from the source.

Peterson announced that he’d be returning to the Vikings on his podcast “All Things Covered” alongside former NFL player and his cousin Bryant McFadden. He also pulled out a college football recruiting-esque hat decision that provided some quality entertainment.

Vikings fans celebrate Patrick Peterson returning to Minnesota

Skol Nation was more than happy to hear that the potential future Hall-of-Famer is on his way back to the Vikings.

As was mentioned throughout several of those reactions, one of the big things going on in Minnesota is the change of the coaching staff, which many look at as a positive for the franchise.

Peterson’s decision to return to the team should indicate that he too believes in the ability and moxie of the new coaching staff, which should be more music to the ears of fans. Plus, retaining Peterson opens up more doors for them in the forthcoming NFL Draft where the Vikings own the 12th overall pick.

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