Mike Tomlin’s amazing answer to new OT rule proposals

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Mike Tomlin has the best response to any of these new NFL overtime rule proposals.

Mike Tomlin wakes up and fears absolutely nothing.

The head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers has never had a losing season in his coaching career. Not only has he won a Super Bowl before, but he is about as good as it gets at the podium. This is why whenever he hangs up the headset he will be making Troy Aikman and Tony Romo money in a broadcasting booth. His response to the latest NFL overtime rules proposal is the stuff of legend.

“I don’t fear sudden death.”

Mike Tomlin does not fear sudden death, at least when it comes to overtime

Tomlin is both fearless and well-calculated. He may not have the propensity of going for it like other coaches in the league, but there is no situation where he blinks. Regardless of the outcome of his decision-making process or his team’s execution of the plan, he will always have a perfect five-to-eight second response to give the media what it wants. A soundbite out of fearlessness.

The concept of NFL overtime is often up for debate. While everybody knows that ties are stupid and are reserved for the soccer pitch, it has been next to impossible to get it right on the professional gridiron. The best overtime used to be how they did it in college, but that bit the dust for something far more moronic. All we know is Tomlin has absolutely no fear of sudden death.

Figuring out the right course of action for NFL overtime should not be this hard, but here we are. All we know is nobody goes harder than Coach Tomlin. If he was not intimidating enough on the Steelers sidelines, just imagine how terrifying he must be when another team is matched up against his in sudden death overtime. This is why the NFL is the gift that simply keeps on giving.

There is no team NFL fans want to see tied at the end of regulation now than Tomlin’s Steelers.

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