Andrea Thome cancels Browns season tickets after Deshaun Watson trade

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Countless Cleveland Browns fans remain furious that the organization went out and traded for quarterback Deshaun Watson. 

Not only has superstar signal-caller Deshaun Watson been traded to the Cleveland Browns, but he’s also signed a monster new contract with the team. This decision by the front office has most definitely caused a divide within the fanbase.

On one hand, people are exciting Watson will be leading the offense out onto the field. However, others are disgusted that the Browns landed him, as 22 woman have filed civil suits with accusations of sexual assault. Andrea Thome, wife of Cleveland Indians legend Jim Thome, took to Twitter to announce that the family has canceled their season tickets moving forward.

The Thomes aren’t the only ones to cancel their Browns season tickets

“Officially cancelled our Browns season tickets today and asked for a refund as they were paid in full,” Andrea Thome on her Twitter account. “Very sad after 40 years as a fan, but this is my line in the sand. I believe women. Especially when there are 22 of them. That press conference did nothing to change my mind.”

Thome is quite passionate and she’s not alone. From the moment it was announced that Cleveland had traded for Watson, fans were ripping the team for the decision. No charges were filed against Watson and he remains adamant that he never committed any of the crimes alleged against him.

The Browns said they did extensive research before trading for Watson, but their explanation still wasn’t good enough for Thome and plenty of others. This likely won’t be the last time we hear about a high-profile family cutting ties with the Browns.

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