Steelers fans unanimously against adding Baker Mayfield

Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers

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Pittsburgh Steelers fans want nothing to do with Baker Mayfield, who is suddenly available rather than starting for the Cleveland Browns.

When the Browns traded for Deshaun Watson, they punted on any shred of human decency as well as Mayfield’s future in Cleveland. However, that didn’t catch Baker off-guard.

Mayfield demanded a trade away from Cleveland, and that’s been a sticking point despite the lack of potential destinations due to his contract. The most likely outcome now remains a buyout, but who will be interested?

One potential suitor is the rival Pittsburgh Steelers. Despite signing Mitch Trubisky in free agency already, Pittsburgh’s quarterback situation is far from settled. Would they really sign a former rival?

Steelers rumors: Is Baker Mayfield a fit?

Mayfield would fit well in Pittsburgh’s offense as a mobile, play-action passer in Matt Canada’s scheme — essentially the opposite of what Ben Roethlisberger offered them last year. Yet, Pittsburgh already has Trubisky, a player they hand-picked in free agency as the favorite to land the starting job. Behind him are two other high-upside passers in Mason Ruolph and Dwayne Haskins.

Regardless of what you think of those three, it’s unlikely the Steelers feel the need to bring in Mayfield right now. He’s not a bonafide star, nor does he bring with him the same hype he had when he was drafted No. 1 out of Oklahoma.

Pittsburgh’s path back to high-caliber quarterback play is not Mayfield. Instead, it’s through a bridge quarterback like Trubisky and perhaps selecting a QB in the first round of this April’s draft, should they see fit.

Steelers fans are fine with that plan, and would rather pass on Mayfield:

The idea of Mayfield going to the Steelers just to get back at the Browns also feels a little farfetched.

Odds are, the Steelers depth chart is already filled.

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