Trevor Bauer congratulates Deshaun Watson in shameful tweet

Cleveland Browns, Houston Texans, Los Angeles Dodgers

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Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer, who has been accused of assaulting two women, tweeted congratulations to Deshaun Watson on his trade in the most shameful way.

Deshaun Watson’s trade from the Texans to the Browns was the biggest news of the day in the NFL, prompting commentary from all over the internet.

Unfortunately, one of the voices who decided to speak up found a way to make himself even more despicable than normal.

Trevor Bauer, the Dodgers pitcher who remains on administrative leave after allegations of assault and abusive behavior by multiple women emerged, took to Twitter to congratulate the quarterback.

Trevor Bauer congratulated Deshaun Watson to whine about his own situation

“Congrats @deshaunwatson on the new contract! Can’t wait to watch you play again. Happy to see the @nfl and their franchises are allowing you to continue your career after all the BS and lies you’ve been through recently. Onward and upward. The game is more fun with you in it,” Bauer tweeted.

Bauer obviously views himself and Watson as kindred spirits. Watson has been dealing with his own allegations of sexual misconduct which slowed the roll on his exit from Houston. Bauer got away with no criminal charges related to his allegations. Watson also recently avoided charges himself.

The pitcher is too far gone to realize how gross he is being, framing the trade around his own legal troubles. He’s simply using the situation as a platform for him to complain about MLB’s handling of his case.

Besides, plenty of people are out there reminding people about the underlying issues with Watson.

For the record, the NFL has not ruled on Watson’s behavior and he is still subject to the league’s personal conduct policy. In any case, their decision-making on that front should never excuse Bauer from facing the consequences of his own actions.

Not to minimize the allegations against Watson, but if there was graphic photographic evidence of damage he inflicted on a woman, the response of the NFL might be a bit different.

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