The Browns just epically insulted Baker Mayfield as split looms

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The increasingly public split between Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns just got more ugly with reports the team is looking for “an adult” at QB.

At the NFL Combine, the Browns gave every indication Baker Mayfield would be their quarterback in 2022. He just needed to earn a new contract with his play.

Now, things sound a whole lot different.

Cleveland is reportedly pursuing Deshaun Watson. Baker Mayfield posted what amounts to a good-bye message to the city. And the gloves have come off.

A report from ESPN’s Chris Mortenson heated things up even more as the team targets “an adult” at quarterback.

The Browns insulted Baker Mayfield with “adult” report

“They’re breaking up, regardless of whether or not Deshaun Watson ends up in Cleveland,” Mortenson said. “I was told it’s just not a match emotionally. Whereas Baker Mayfield’s passion and emotional leadership was embraced at Oklahoma and even at the beginning with the Browns, things have changed. They want what they consider an adult at that position.”

Mortenson put air quotes around the word “adult.”

That’ll be a tough pill for Mayfield to swallow. It would be one thing for a team to give up on a quarterback because of his limitations as a player. But to judge his persona as “not adult” is harsh.

It doesn’t help that the team is currently wooing a quarterback with 22 allegations of sexual misconduct pending in civil court.

The mere fact that assessment is out in the world is proof the relationship between Mayfield and the Browns isn’t fixable.

Mortenson proposed the Seahawks or Colts as landing spots for Mayfield in a potential trade. He still has a year on his deal with Cleveland.

Meanwhile, the Browns will have to see what Warson decides. They could turn to Jimmy Garappolo from the 49ers as well.

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