Rams legendary offensive lineman Andrew Whitworth announces his retirement

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Rams offensive lineman Andrew Whitworth, who helped Los Angeles win the Super Bowl in 2022, announced his retirement with a heartfelt video.

Over the last five years, Andrew Whitworth has anchored the Rams offensive line in pursuit of a Super Bowl.

With his mission accomplished, he’s ready to hang up his cleats.

Whitworth announced his retirement on Wednesday, posting a video on his Instagram detailing his NFL journey and preparing for the next phase of his life.

“Damn football, I’ll miss you,” Whitworth narrated.

Andrew Whitworth retires on top after Rams Super Bowl win


Here’s the full text of Whitworth’s video:

I’m Andrew Whitworth of the Los Angeles Rams and I’m here to close the chapter on my NFL playing career.

To the game of football, you taught me how to be a warrior, how to rise up to challenges, how to be a great teammate by making things about more than just me, how to own up to and overcome my failures, how to develop a relentless work ethic, how to stand up and lead through adversity, how to be available and willing to fight for your teammates at all costs. All things when applids to life helped me be a better man, husband, father, son and friend.

I have played this game most of my life. At one time my story felt it would end with frustration of Pro Bowl snubs, wins without championships and having a career record of being 0-7 in the playoffs. I even lost my first chance at winning a Super Bowl. But that’s not how the story ended. I still held the pen. As long as we are blessed in life to have opportunity, we have the chance to write our own story.

16 years, 250 games, more than 16,000 snaps, Pro bowls, All pros, first left tackle to ever start at the age of 40, two-time NFC champion, Super Bowl 56 champion and ending with the humbling honor of being named Walter Payton Man of the Year.

And that feeling in the huddle, down in the game with minutes to go, the crowd standing and roaring with all it has against you and all the while looking into the eyes of your teammates and knowing without a doubt victory is in front of you. Damn football, I’ll miss you.

Thank you to all my teammates for chasing greatness with me, our fellowship in the locker room, and our brother good off the field. Thank you to the coaches and support staff who have always been there for me. And to my family and friends, I could have never done it without you. I love it.

The next chapter is exciting. And I can’t wait to fall in love with football in a whole new way

Finally. to the game of football, thank you for the moments both high and low, because all of those moments have helped me become who I am. My chapter as football player No. 77 has ended but I can’t wait to see how my football story continues.

Rams fans will no doubt miss Whitworth, whose veteran presence and leadership were pivotal to the team’s postseason success.

Whitworth spent a decade with the Bengals after Cincinnati picked him in the sixth round of the 2006 NFL Draft. While he had just four Pro Bowl nods in his career, he was regularly regarded among the Top 100 players in the NFL.

The long-time lineman didn’t reveal what he’ll be doing now that he’s retired but his name will be one to watch in Hall of Fame debates over the next few years.

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