Dolphins tried to pair Tom Brady and Sean Payton this offseason

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A new report indicates that the Miami Dolphins were attempting to trade for Tom Brady and Sean Payton before Brian Flores filed his Feb. 1 lawsuit. 

There have been shocking storylines surrounding Tom Brady, Sean Payton and the Miami Dolphins so far this offseason, which makes the latest report involving all three parties even more surprising.

According to PFT’s Mike Florio, “the Dolphins planned to pursue Sean Payton to be the coach and Tom Brady to be the starting quarterback.” This was before Brian Flores filed his Feb. 1 discrimination lawsuit involving the Dolphins, the Broncos and the Giants, which apparently sidelined the endeavor to recruit Brady and Payton.

Although it’s unclear when the Dolphins were enacting this plan, Brady announced his retirement on the same day Flores announced his lawsuit, while Payton stepped away from the Saints on Jan. 29. Since then, the Dolphins are moving forward with head coach Mike McDaniels and quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, although Deshaun Watson trade rumors persist.

Sources reveal that Miami Dolphins made a play for Tom Brady and Sean Payton for 2022

Pairing Tom Brady and Sean Payton on the Miami Dolphins may seem unusual at first, but it’s worth noting that Brady and Payton share the same super agent in Don Yee. If the Dolphins were looking to strike a deal involving the two, they would be negotiating with Yee, who has both of their best interests in mind and would be inclined to put them in an ideal situation.

Ultimately, it was time for Brady to step away from the field and into the limelight as an actor/producer/entrepreneur, and it was also time for Payton to step away from the sideline and into a potential announcing gig at FOX. Still, having two of the league’s greatest offensive minds teaming up in South Florida is something that was certainly worth exploring for the Dolphins.

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