Report: No rift existed between Tom Brady and Bruce Arians on Buccaneers

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Tom Brady may have retired, but it was not a rift in his working relationship with Bruce Arians that led to his departure from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the NFL.

While Tom Brady called it a career after 22 seasons only a few weeks ago, much has been made about his working relationship with his former Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians.

Former NFL player Rich Ohrnberger hinted that a rift existed between Brady and Arians, which led to the quarterback retiring after season’s end, citing “the honeymoon was over.” While things may not have been smooth sailing this go-around for the 2021 Buccaneers, FanSided‘s Matt Lombardo reported the notion of Brady and Arians having a falling out is “Total and complete B.S.”

If Brady wanted to play out the final year of his Buccaneers deal, Tampa Bay would have let him.

Report: Tom Brady did not retire from football because of Bruce Arians

So much more went into Brady’s decision to retire than how he felt about his head coach. Being away from his family was probably the biggest reason he hung up the spikes. Brady could have played at a high level for one more year, as he did lead the NFL in passing in his final campaign. However, did he want to put himself and his family through one more strenuous football season?

Sure, Brady and Arians go about having success in the NFL in totally different manners. Brady devoured avocado ice cream, while Arians enjoyed a cocktail or two. Though they may have different personalities, they united over a common bond of winning. Brady was already The GOAT before arriving in Tampa, but winning Super Bowl 55 may help Arians get into Canton one day.

It may have only been two years, but together, Brady and Arians accomplished a ton in Tampa Bay.

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