Chiefs: Tyreek Hill defends Eric Bieniemy after ‘hit piece’

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Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill came to the defense of offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy.

An article published by Chiefs Kingdom this week suggests that Bieniemy and Patrick Mahomes do not get along, and Bieniemy’s ego often gets in the way of him finally getting a head coaching gig.

There’s far more to the report, which can be read here.

Bieniemy is a great offensive football mind but can at times let his ego get the best of him. Heck, so can any quarterback, head coach or player with influence on a football team. The OC and Mahomes have reportedly had a quiet feud dating back to the 2020 season. Comments such as the following only add to that:

“You guys have been around him — you know him,” said Bieniemy. “He’s a competitive prick. OK? He’s a great kid, but he’s a competitive prick. He wants to improve at everything he could possibly improve upon. He wants to be the best at whatever he can do. And along the way, he wants to make sure that he’s leading the guys, he wants to be held accountable by his peers, but also, too — he just wants to work. And that’s what you love about being around him every single day.”

Chiefs: Tyreek Hill comes to defense of Eric Bieniemy

Bieniemy has gotten countless head coaching interviews over the last few years, only to come up short time and time again. There are a few things to blame for that, but eventually it seems Bieniemy will get his chance.

Tyreek Hill benefits from Bieniemy’s offense, so it’s easy to see why he would rush to his defense. However, Hill didn’t necessarily disprove anything in the report, nor did he say it wasn’t true. He merely stated that Bieniemy was ‘one of the best coaches in the building’. Considering he’s the coordinator of one of the best offenses in all of football, we’d have to agree.

The Chiefs’ offseason is just getting started, and with Bieniemy a free agent for the time being, this is the last thing Kansas City needed right now.

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