Tom Brady has hilarious tweet about Matthew Stafford in Rams Super Bowl parade

Los Angeles Rams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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Seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady has some friendly advice for Matthew Stafford: don’t forget to mix in a little water on Parade Day. 

The Rams have won the Super Bowl, and Los Angeles is ready to celebrate in Rams House, USA.

Even though Los Angeles sports fans are notoriously absent, especially considering their many championship teams and population of a sprawling 4 million, Matthew Stafford was ready to soak in the glory of his first Super Bowl win in his 13-year NFL career.

But as Matthew puffed on a victory cigar the way Joe Burrow wishes he could, seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady has some friendly advice for his fellow quarterback: pace yourself on Parade Day.

Tom Brady tells Matthew Stafford to “mix in water” during Super Bowl Parade celebration

While Brady famous celebrated victory in six different Boston parades, his most infamous celebration was his boat parade after winning his seventh Super Bowl with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in early 2021.

During that parade, Brady let loose in a way NFL fans had never quite seen before in New England’s famously austere environment. A tipsy Brady was even so bold as to toss the coveted Lombardi Trophy from his $2 million yacht to another boat, a shenanigan that only someone like Rob Gronkowski has pulled off in the past.

Brady couldn’t steady his sea legs once on land, giggling as he stumbled to the parade destination in Tampa.

Brady poked fun at himself for his drunken demeanor, joking that he had a little too much “avocado tequila” for the afternoon.

It’s not Brady’s first demonstration of his competitiveness when it comes to drinking. Brady famously inhaled a beer on Stephen Colbert that could put the best keg-standing frat bros to shame. It turns out that Tom Brady can chug a beer as fast as he released the football against the Eagles in the Wild Card Round: about 2.17 seconds.

It was actually Stafford who prevented Brady from potentially partying at his last Super Bowl parade, but Brady has nothing but advice to offer the 34-year-old quarterback as he carries the mantle among the NFL’s best.

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