Lamar Jackson reignites Antonio Brown, Ravens rumors after spending Super Bowl together

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Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson posted photos hanging out with Antonio Brown during the Super Bowl, sparking rumors of the WR coming to Baltimore.

Lamar Jackson and Antonio Brown haven’t been shy about their interest in playing football together.

They’ve flirted on podcasts and social media. Now they’re hanging out in person.

While the Rams were beating the Bengals in Super Bowl 56, Jackson and Brown were apparently hanging out together.

Lamar Jackson and Antonio Brown are hanging out as Ravens rumors rise

Jackson posted photos with Brown on his Instagram.

The simplest explanation? Two football players are hanging out because they are friends.

The juiciest explanation? Jackson and Brown are spending time together as future teammates.

It isn’t up to the quarterback or receiver when it comes down to it. The Ravens would have to decide Brown is worth the trouble that often follows him.

There’s no question about his ability as a receiver. He is a few years removed from his best days in Pittsburgh and on the wrong side of 30 but he’s still an effective weapon. Last year, he had 545 yards and four touchdowns on 42 receptions with the Bucs.

However, his time with his last four teams has been anything but smooth. The Steelers traded him to the Raiders after relationships on the team broke down and he skipped practices.

He never played for the Raiders. His offseason was full of drama with a dispute over his helmet with the NFL and an alleged altercation with GM Mike Mayock over fines.

The Patriots signed him in the fall but they cut him after a couple of weeks because of allegations of sexual and personal misconduct.

He made his way to Tampa Bay in 2020 and helped Tom Brady win a Super Bowl. Just when it seemed like he could settle into a more quiet phase of his career he ended up embroiled in more controversy, first regarding a faked COVID-19 vaccination card, then a dispute with the team over his injured ankle. He was cut after stripping off his pads and jersey on the sideline and leaving in the middle of a game.

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