Watch: Mississippi lawyer made the most bizarre Super Bowl ad of all-time

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What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial? Was it about cryptocurrency or seltzers? Or was it about a Mississippi lawyer hanging out with Elvis and Elton John?

Super Bowl commercials are an odd and iconic part of our culture. They’re often used as vehicles to tell stories rather than actually convince someone why a brand, product, or service is better than its alternatives.

Sometimes these commercials feature cute puppies. Sometimes, depending on where you live, they feature a personal injury lawyer gently swaying while celebrity impersonators sing about how great and reliable he is.

Lawyers in the South often rely on very notable billboards to get their advertising out, but occasionally they’ll be featured in absurd, comical commercials.

This is one of those times.

Watch Super Bowl commercial: Richard Schwartz creates chaotic and absurd commercial

In all honesty, Schwartz and his team killed it. They deserve more recognition and credit here. This local television ad for the Super Bowl was very clearly meant to generate buzz has done just that.

People throughout Mississippi have been chatting about it on Twitter. It’s reaching a national audience because writers, such as yours truly, are writing about it. Whatever advertising firm Schwartz partnered with to make this remarkable and unique production deserves more credit for how weird this is and how effective it was in increasing awareness of his brand.

All of that said, none of the impersonators really looked like the celebrities! The song will be stuck in my head until the end of time! This is all so bizarre!

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