Rob Gronkowksi pokes fun at dented Super Bowl trophy incident in new TikTok

New England Patriots, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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In a house built for Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski, there are important alterations to consider — like a case of dented Lombardi Trophies. 

Tom Brady may be the most celebrated among former Patriots when it comes to social media humor, but former teammates Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski have their own unique brands of humor that merit applause. Before Brady even had a Twitter account, Edelman hosted BurgerTyme à la “The Eric Andre Show”, and Gronkowski carried his frat bro party humor wherever he went, captured in the timeless phrase, “Yo soy fiesta.”

In the TikTok era, Edelman and Gronk are as hilarious as ever, with Edelman posting thirst trap videos to call Monday Night Games and Gronk showing off his home alterations to accommodate the 6-foot-6 tight end.

Gronk’s latest TikTok opens with “things that just make sense in a house built for Gronk”, which includes 8-foot doors, a 10-foot wall of trophies, a giant portrait of Tommy and Gronkie, a trampoline in the family room, 9-ft. cabinets and a giant LoveSac. A Gronk house must also have enough room for one more category of prized possessions: dented Lombardi Trophies.

Rob Gronkowski pokes fun at dented Lombardi moment in latest TikTok

For those who are unfamiliar, Gronk made his impact on NFL history back in 2019 as the team celebrated their sixth Super Bowl win in team history. The Patriots were enjoying a Red Sox game, and as Matthew Slater said, “it was all fun and games until it wasn’t.”

The NFL players were practicing their pitching when the affable tight end convinced his teammates to let him jokingly swing at a pitch from Edelman. The Patriots watched in horror as Gronk slid from a batting stance to bunt the pitch, and unfortunately, he connected. The perfect, shiny Lombardi was left with a noticeable baseball-sized dent. Jason McCourty referred to it as “Gronkowski’s parting gift,” as the Patriots tight end temporarily retired from football that offseason.

The Patriots actually kept their imperfect Lombardi to commemorate the impression Gronk left on the organization, and it seems Gronk fondly remembers that moment, too. Because in his house, all three Lombardis that he won with the Patriots are dented, of course.

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