Bears react to Walter Payton scoring Super Bowl TD in Super Bowl commercial

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It may have been virtual, but Walter Payton finally got his Super Bowl touchdown thanks to a fun and fascinating NFL commercial.

Walter Payton finally got a chance to score a touchdown in the Super Bowl.

In one of the most entertaining and lighthearted commercials of the evening, the NFL found a way to give one of the football’s history a shot at a Super Bowl touchdown.

The Columbia, Mississippi native may not have actually scored a touchdown in Super Bowl 20 with the Chicago Bears, but the NFL honored Payton with a perfect tribute during a legitimately entertaining commercial that featured some odd animation.

Payton, who played for the Bears during his 12-year NFL career, helped guide the Bears to a dominant win over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 20, but he didn’t actually get a shot at scoring a touchdown. Mike Ditka called it one of his biggest regrets.

Still, his team went on to win and Payton’s career is one of the most remarkable in NFL history and he ultimately ended up in the Hall of Fame before dying of cancer at 45 years old.

The NFL has found several ways to honor Payton’s legacy and now, with a Super Bowl commercial, the league has found another.

Super Bowl commercial: NFL Twitter cries as Walter Payton scores Super Bowl touchdown

And of course, with a figure as prominent as Payton, it makes sense that many NFL fans would have some very strong, emotional reactions to the ad.

While it initially seemed like a really goofy commercial with some pretty odd animation, it turned into a pretty heartfelt one at the end.

Which is a pretty good way to end an advertisement, all things considered.

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