Steelers could ‘get calls’ on surprising trade chip this offseason

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The Steelers are a team in transition this offseason as they adjust to life after Ben Roethlisberger. Could one of his top weapons be on the way out as well?

Notre Dame product Chase Claypool took a pretty clear step back last season, looking undisciplined at times despite flashes of brilliance. Claypool is just one in a long line of Steelers wide receivers with a lot of flare and personality. Fair or not, he will always be judged by the sins of those before him, including the likes of Antonio Brown and JuJu Smith-Schuster.

Smith-Schuster remains on the team, albeit a free agent, and Claypool is on a rookie contract. It would be odd for the Steelers to shop Claypool this offseason, especially since he’s coming off a down year and remains on his rookie deal. He’s cheap, and likely to get better. What’s the catch?

Report: Steelers could get calls on Chase Claypool

Per ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, agents believe the Steelers will get calls on Claypool this offseason. Now, whether the Steelers will be interested in dealing him is an entirely different predicament.

Claypool had less yards in his sophomore season, and his touchdowns decreased from nine to two. He wasn’t much of a red zone threat in 2021-22.

Much of that can be blamed on the Steelers offense, which is still developing an identity under new offensive coordinator Matt Canada. Pittsburgh’s unit looked downright awful at times last year in Ben Roethlisberger’s final run.

The Steelers are running it back with Canada at least one more season. With Pittsburgh’s plan at quarterback a mystery to this point, keeping the core weapons in place is vital. Claypool undoubtedly falls under that umbrella. He’ll have a new wide receivers coach as well.

Any trade would be a huge surprise, despite what some agents may think.

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