Micah Parsons names top 6 NFL quarterbacks, both Super Bowl participants absent

Cincinnati Bengals, Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Rams

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Cowboys star Micah Parsons revealed his list of the top NFL quarterbacks but Bengals and Rams fans might not be happy with it.

Who are the best quarterbacks in the NFL?

Different people will have very different answers depending on their perspectives. Debates will undoubtedly rage.

And now Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons has thrown gas on to the fire.

Micah Parsons doesn’t have Joe Burrow or Matthew Stafford in top QBs

Appearing on Bleacher Report Live, Parsons weighed in on the quarterback discussion by naming his top quarterbacks as Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Aaron Rodgers, Kyler Murray, Lamar Jackson and Dak Prescott.

Who is missing in that number? Both quarterbacks who will duke it out at the Super Bowl in Los Angeles: Matthew Stafford of the Rams and Joe Burrow of the Bengals.

Are those snubs fair?

It’s tough to argue against Mahomes, Allen and Rodgers as the best quarterbacks in the game while Murray and Jackson are playmaking talents that defy their position. Prescott is Parsons’ quarterback so it’s no surprise he’s in there.

Stafford has been one of the most consistently productive passers in the game but his heights don’t reach as high as some of those quarterbacks. He certainly doesn’t bring the athleticism to the table available to Mahomes, Allen, Murray, Jackson and Prescott.

As for Burrow, no one can question his impact on the Bengals. However, he’s still so new to the league that dubbing him one of the top QBs feels somewhat premature.

You don’t have to be the best quarterback in the game to lead your team to the Super Bowl. You just have to be the right quarterback for your team.

Neither Stafford nor Burrow nor fans of either will spend too much time thinking about their standing in Parsons’ QB rankings while they’re busy celebrating a Super Bowl victory.

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