Key factor blocking any Aaron Rodgers-Titans trade

Green Bay Packers, Tennessee Titans

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As much as the Tennessee Titans would like to trade for Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, there’s a key factor blocking any deal — money.

Jared Stillman, a radio personality in Nashville, reported on Tuesday that Rodgers was planning to build a house in Tennessee, thus opening the floodgates for any and all trade rumors involving the Titans.

On the surface, a trade makes sense. The Titans have a well-balanced team in place that could easily be among the AFC favorites with Rodgers in tow. So, what’s the problem?


The Titans have guaranteed Ryan Tannehill $29 million next season, and that’d be tough to offload. In fact, it’d be nearly impossible for Tennessee to maintain its current roster construction with both Tannehill and Rodgers on the team at the same time. One has to go, and it’s easily Tannehill considering Rodgers is the better player and in this scenario the new arrival.

Aaron Rodgers rumors: Are Titans stuck with Ryan Tannehill?

If the Titans tried to trade Tannehill before June 1, they would owe him over $28 million. That’s not a financial figure Tennessee owner Amy Adams Strunk wants to pay. Unless the Packers are willing to take on that money, Tannehill isn’t going anywhere.

Unfortunately for Rodgers and the Titans, this likely takes the decision out of their hands. Rodgers is reportedly open to a trade to Tennessee, as well, but Tannehill’s contract is in the way.

For Rodgers, a trade to the AFC doesn’t necessarily make a lot of sense, either. The conference as a whole is filled with young, emerging talent at the quarterback position. Sure, the AFC South could be dominated by a Rodgers-led Titans team, but were he to be traded to Denver, he’d share a division with Patrick Mahomes, Justin Herbert and (we presume) Derek Carr.

Joe Burrow and Lamar Jackson linger in the AFC North, while Josh Allen is a perennial Pro Bowler in the AFC East. What’s the allure?

A change of scenery may feel like the right decision with Jordan Love possibly emerging as his heir-apparent sooner rather than later, but the NFC is far less intimidating for a contending team.

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