Listen to mic’d up Travis Kelce during Chiefs’ 13-second comeback (Video)

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NFL Films released a video clip that reveals the genius behind the Kansas City Chiefs’ comeback win: tight end Travis Kelce. 

As a team, the Chiefs are often lauded for their unparalleled physical abilities. Patrick Mahomes makes magic happen, Tyreek Hill earns his “Cheetah” nickname time and time again, and Travis Kelce seems to be able to secure any slant or sideline catch thrown his way.

But the dynamic tight end turns out to be far more than meets the eye — or, at least, what a tight end is supposed to be.

An NFL Film clip reveals exactly just how much Kelce orchestrated the final Chiefs drive that resulted in a resounding overtime win.

During that drive, Kelce instructed Hill on how to optimize his route considering the expected defense.

“They might man you up,” Kelce told Hill. “Go outside and come back in like you’re running a route outside. That way, when you come back in, I can get in the way.”

It all went as Kelce predicted, with the tight end blocking for Hill as he burrowed forward.

Later, he tells Mahomes: “They play it like that, that seam is open.” Mahomes gives Kelce the go-ahead, and the team gets in field goal range on a 13-second drive.

Travis Kelce was the key to winning 13-second drive for Chiefs

What has been missed in lauding Kelce for his impressive route-running and ability to secure the ball is his ability to read and react to defenses.

Although Kelce just threw his first touchdown pass in the playoffs recently, the tight end has long been fooling NFL defenses to give the Chiefs an edge in close games.

Mahomes is capable of wielding his own magic, but having Kelce on the field makes the Chiefs offense that much more lethal — especially when the team needs every inch for the win.

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